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Concrete demolition is a growing industry in the United States. 

There are always signs it’s time to tear the property down. Some examples can be if you are building or repairing a home, apartment, commercial building, or other structure that has concrete floors.

There are many signs to look for. Some of these signs include severe ice accumulation, extensive foot, and vehicle traffic. 

We have seen often sinking walls, subsidence, uneven, or soft ground, heavy equipment noises, electrical and plumbing concerns, unstable or dangerous foundation adjustments. 

All these are serious signs that can all be expected to occur over time. For many structures, this is an expected step in routine maintenance.

A sudden change in temperature from hot to cold, combined with heavy snowfall, can cause concrete to expand and contract too much. 

If this happens to your structure, the result may be cracks. The cracks may widen, rupture, and weaken over time. If these cracks are large, you may have to replace your concrete floor. 

You may also see structural steel being used in place of the concrete or you may see potholes forming.

The cracks may also appear when the floor moves or shifts in preparation for new construction. When this occurs, you’ll need to repair the cracks to keep them from getting worse. 

Other signs that it’s time for new construction include signs of settling debris and water damage.



The different signs you need concrete demolition:

Severely damaged or cracked concrete surfaces may need to be replaced. It’s usually best to hire our professional Portland concrete demolition company to check the condition of your structure. If it’s a small crack or other sign that needs to be repaired immediately, contact a structural steel company as soon as possible.

Of course, there are also a few signs that will let you know when it’s time for a total gutting of your structure. Cracks in concrete walls could mean that water has gotten inside and caused significant damage. This is the case with any cracks on basement walls as well. Another sign of possibly needing a partial house demolition is holes in concrete floors.

When you notice any of these problems, contact our company right away. Don’t wait. The longer you wait, the more expensive it will be to fix the problem. Of course, if the problem isn’t severe, our contractors may decide to move on to other options. 

They may still offer to tear down the structure if it is affecting the public’s safety.

You should take the time to check out the signs it is time for concrete demolition. If you find something that looks suspicious, contact our professionals right away. Don’t assume anything.

As soon as you notice any structural damage, cracks, or other anomalies on the exterior, call in our skilled demolition contractors. Our experts are trained and experienced at identifying all problems that could lead to collapses and other structural damages. 

We also know how to take care of the problem safely. Be prepared for the signs of demolition as well. It is likely that the building will be gone within a matter of hours.

You can’t tell when a building will fall down, but you can spot the signs that it is already happening. Look for warning signs such as large amounts of water or leaking. This is usually the case after a storm. The roof will start to leak and this will eventually lead to massive water damage.

It could also mean that the floorboards are buckling. The signs will usually be in the form of large holes or cracks.

Once you know the signs, it is time for demolition, act quickly. Don’t waste any time. The sooner the demolition is done, the quicker a new one can be built. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote. 

We will get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Portland Commercial Demolition


Deciding whether or not to have commercial demolition done is one of life’s biggest dilemmas. Not only are you trying to determine if it’s worth it, but you are also trying to make sure it will be done right. 

Commercial Property is not always safe for the public, so you need to consider the factors that will impact its safety before deciding to invest in it. 

Our team can help explain to you the top reasons you need to have Commercial Demolition Services done properly and how these factors can affect the overall success of your commercial space.

Another reason you need commercial demolition is because of asbestos contamination. If you aren’t careful, it might be hazardous to you and your employees long after the asbestos has been removed. 

You definitely want to make sure you do as much research on the different methods of asbestos removal as possible.

This will help before investing in any properties, but it can be hard to find out everything you need to know without the proper manpower.

Commercial demolition involves cutting down large buildings in order to make way for new structures. 

For example, if you owned a small plaza, you would probably want to tear it down and make room for a new one.

Public Safety:

Commercial demolition isn’t like getting rid of an old building. You have to take all kinds of factors into consideration before tearing something down. 

If you need the property torn down because it is unsafe or uninhabitable, you should make sure the demolition is done properly and in a timely manner. 

Even if the main building has already been torn down, there may be mold growing behind the walls which can spread easily to other areas of the property. 

You’ll need to be sure that nothing gets in, and that the cleanup is done properly and safely.

There are other factors that you need to consider as well. Commercial demolition requires specialized equipment that most homeowners don’t own. 

You need trucks, jack hammers, and cranes, and even more specialized equipment for tearing down large structures. 

This can get expensive quickly, so it is best to call our skilled team today for all your demolition needs.

As you can see, there are many reasons you need commercial demolition done. 

You have to make sure that whatever you get does comply with local ordinances and state laws, and that it is professional enough for your needs. 

It is also important to know we have the right equipment for your project, so it is done correctly the first time. 

Talk to our contractors about the best way to tear down a building, and you will soon see that all of your top reasons for wanting to have this done are valid.

Demolishing Old Driveway with a claw machine


There are a few common signs to repair or remove concrete in your home. Most problems with cracked or sunken concrete stem from water damage. 

One of the first signs to repair or demolish concrete around your home is water damage. 

If your entire home gets water damage, then most likely you will see small wet spots in your walls and small areas of light yellowed concrete or moss. 

Other signs to repair or remove concrete in your home are sunken concrete, cracked driveways and pools, frost heave cracks, and multiple cracks.

Sunken driveway concrete can be due to water seeping in through the ground or it can be caused by too much rain and not enough drainage. 

As soon as the rain stops, if there’s any sign of water damage, call our professionals immediately to assess the situation. 

Water penetration around your home and pool area may create mold and mildew to grow. 

Frost heave cracks and small wet spots on your walls are signs to repair or remove concrete in your home, driveway or swimming pool.

Health Risks:

If you have mold and mildew damage, you will have a yellowed area on your walls where the water has dried off. 

This is an easy way to tell that you have concrete problems.

Frost heave and sunken cracks are also signs to repair or remove concrete around your property. Often times these cracks are actually more noticeable than the other ones. 

This is because the water makes them bigger. You can see this when there is a lot of standing water and the ground seems to be moving. You can also notice cracks when the area is cold.

There are many signs to repair or remove concrete around your home. Some of the more common ones are seen above or below the surface. Some of them are more noticeable than others. 

If you notice one or more of these signs, call our professionals immediately.

If you notice cracks or other signs, you need to determine if it is repairable or not. The first thing you want to do is to make sure there is not a crack that is starting to leak. 

If there is water damage or if you are seeing puddles where water has gone, then you need to repair or remove concrete in your home.

As mentioned, most of the signs include mildew, mold, and discoloration of your walls and floors. 

These things will cause health problems for you and for anyone living in the house.

If you do not repair or remove concrete, you will find that you will have to replace some of the things that have been damaged by water. 

It will cost you more money, but you will have a nice new look. The signs to repair or remove concrete are easy to see. You just need to know what to look for. 

You will also have to know how to tell whether it is better to repair or remove it, and when you should do it. 

Once you know all these things, you will be able to maintain your home properly.

Our team of highly skilled concrete demolition professionals will provide you with a free no-obligation quote! 

Our Concrete Demolition Projects

Concrete Demolition Project of a driveway
Worker breaking through concrete with a powerful jackhammer machine
Concrete Pool Demolition Project


Concrete recycling after demolition

What kinds of projects can be accomplished with Recycled Concrete? The list is surprisingly long. From low-density parking lots to walkways, paths, swimming pools, retaining walls and new concrete for ground renovation. 

This unique product has many useful applications. From traditional application to new innovation, recycled concrete is ideal for both industrial and residential applications.

One such project is a raised garden. Gardeners have long been using crushed concrete for garden walkways and pathways. 

In recent years, however, they have found that using this product for garden beds doubles the amount of grass area, which saves time and money on watering. A raised garden constructed from recycled concrete is more efficient and cuts costs.

Another project can be a new patio, as long as the space you choose to create the patio is large enough. On larger patios, the combined material can serve as a new pool deck or patio floor. 

Recycled crushed concrete is often used in such situations because the material is highly durable and often lasts longer.

The next project is very similar to the patio example. You can create walkways and paths from old asphalt on your property. Asphalt is very difficult to dispose of, and as it ages, it becomes more difficult to remove. 

Rather than dispose of it, you can use recycled concrete aggregate to fill in cracks and create a smooth surface. This will allow you to have the walkways and paths you want, without having to fear the unsightly remains of old asphalt.

If you’re trying to create an outdoor area, one project you may want to consider is to repair a damaged portion of a sidewalk, or to replace an existing damaged section with a new one. 

A sidewalk is generally made from old aggregate pavement, but when it gets damage by potholes, cracks, or subsidence, you can easily treat it with crushed concrete.

Creating raised gardens is another popular project that can be done with recycled concrete. Using recycled aggregate to create a base for a raised garden is not only less expensive than using natural soil, but it’s easier to maintain as well. 

Simply removing weeds and putting in a layer of crushed concrete will keep weeds at bay, and keep the area moist and shady. By choosing these types of concrete bases, you can use almost any color and texture, and they can be built up and out rather quickly, sometimes in just one day.

Many people don’t realize that the foundation of houses and other buildings also makes up a big part of their environmental impact. Home foundations are made up of concrete. 

In many cases, concrete is actually a significant contributor to erosion. By mixing recycled concrete aggregates with their natural counterparts, you can reduce the amount of cement needed to build a new foundation. In the process, the building’s integrity is also enhanced.


Portland Scrap Metal Demolition

What are the important advantages of having scrap metal demolition and recycling done? 

The most important advantages of doing this is the saving of our environment and of our wallets. If we can save a few thousand dollars every year while making minimal impact on the environment, what is the harm in trying? 

We have to be honest about the fact that we are consuming our valuable metals and fossil fuels at an increasing rate. Our economy is based on the consumption of these non-renewable resources.

Scrap metal can be recycled into various products like pipes and iron etc. But these metals are not suitable for reuse and hence they need to be melted down and transformed into useful commodities. 

So, the process of melting down and transforming them into useful commodities is termed as recycling. It has become one of the important ways of handling waste.

Recycling reduces the amount of garbage that ends up in our landfills. It also helps to protect the natural resources. Most of the material that is collected as scrap ends up in our landfills. 

The environmental benefits of recycling scrap metal are numerous. There are several reasons why recycling is beneficial.

One of the environmental advantages is that the recycling reduces the burden on the environment. If all the metals that can be recycled are collected and recycled, then there will be no more requirement for dumping of metals into the environment. 

These metals can be put to good use in various industries.

Another advantage is that we can save the environment from the hazardous effects of metal. Lead, for example is a toxic metal that causes brain damage and behavioral disorders in children.

In addition, the recycling helps to protect the workers who handle these metals. Workers have to be protected from exposure to these dangerous gases. Recycling the metal also helps to keep the earth free from heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, and a few other metallic elements. 

These metallic elements are toxic and they pollute the air and water. Therefore, the recycling of these metals helps to maintain the health of the workers as well as the environment.

When you think about the cost involved in demolition and recycling scrap metal, then it seems worthwhile. The fact is that these costs are far less than the costs involved in disposing of unwanted junk. 

This means that the benefits of recycling far outweigh the disadvantages. The recycling centers also play an important role in preserving the precious metals in our planet.

Most of the scrap metal that is recycled is used for the construction of new homes. This implies that the recycling centers help to create more construction jobs and generate more revenue for the country. Thus, recycling scrap metal makes good business sense.

When a metal is recycled, the processing of the material is done in such a way that the useful component is recovered along with the unusable component. The materials are mixed properly so that the quality is maintained throughout the process of recycling.


Top Reasons for Hiring our Professional Concrete Demolition Contractors:

The best quality materials, the quickest turnaround time, the most competitive prices and the experience are some of the reasons that make professional demolition services a very popular choice for any business. 

It is no wonder then that the industry is thriving and is now experiencing one of its biggest expansions in recent history. At a time when efficiency and cost-cutting have become paramount to every business in an effort to remain profitable, there is little question that this is a service that is in high demand. 

Companies who provide this service are experiencing a growth rate that few other industries can match. As the recession continues to bite hard, consumers are now more sensitive about how much they spend. 

And with consumers becoming more attuned to quality and cost awareness than ever before, it is easy to see why a service that offer top-notch professional tools and equipment, and the expertise to know what it takes to get the job done right, could be the perfect solution.

When you consider that a professional demolition contractor can literally take over an entire demolition project in a matter of hours, it’s easy to see why this is one of the fastest growing sectors in the construction field today. 

It’s also easy to see how it’s currently going to be the largest growth opportunity in the industry during the next decade. With the boom in mobile home remodeling and conversions, the current construction industry is looking at ways to stay ahead of the trend and stay relevant.

Skilled and Professional Crew:

Safety is another issue that is becoming more important as time goes on. Demolition work can be dangerous and there is a good chance that an explosion will occur. 

You need a professional demolition team on site who has trained professionals on hand who can act quickly if there is an emergency. Whether you just want to be sure your waste is properly disposed of, you need to be sure there are people on the job who can do it safely.

If you have any questions about waste management or you think you may have a problem, then it’s a good idea to talk to one of our professionals about it.

The second reason for hiring a professional demolition service is the safety of your employees and your property. You may think this is an indirect reason, but it is a very real one. 

Most people who are involved in the removal of a building know that there will be damage done and that they are liable if anything happens to anyone during the move.

These are just some of the main reasons as to why our demolition contractors should be hired for any kind of demolition project. Hiring our demolition company is very beneficial for any homeowner or business owner. 

No matter what you are doing, there will always be a benefit to tearing down a building. Even if you are just getting rid of an old building or re-purposing an old structure, you can benefit from using our best concrete demolition contractors Portland has to offer. 

They can make the job easier and ensure that everything goes as planned. Also, make sure to ask about excavation services.

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